Range of Sevices

  • Bioenergetic work at the backbone and the aura field
  • numerologic personality guidance
  • Activating your self-healing powers through laying on of hands, prayers and the power of the mind
  • Long distance energy transfer (only after initial personal contact)
  • Life coaching in all aspects of life
  • Interference field detection (releasing of energy blockages caused by water veins, electromagnetic pollution, etc.)
  • Harmonisation of living and working areas, streets, etc.
  • Energetic business consulting and coaching
  • In-company personality development seminars
  • Health management for the new era
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Tibetan Energy Massage (for relaxation)
  • Creating your Maya birth seal, including consultation
  • Stimulation of self-healing powers for humans, animals and nature

Dates by arrangement.

We also offer vouchers for our services. Please contact us for details.

Important legal notice:

We do not carry out diagnoses, therapies and treatments in the medical sense.

Our help is a kind of religious action to activate, recover and strengthen the self-healing powers of your body.

Our clients activate their self-healing powers by letting divine energies work in their body.

Our task as healers is to accompany and support our clients during their healing process.

We think that cooperating with orthodox medicine and science is very important. Therefore you should neither interrupt or terminate any ongoing treatment of your doctor or therapist, nor postpone or refrain from any necessary treatment.

As we do not promise any healing success it is a decision of your own free will if you want to terminate, continue or repeat a session.

Our support cannot replace any medical or psychological therapy.